We design and construct any type of wooden building.  We have been building wooden buildings for more than 20 years and have the skills and experience to build the perfect building for you.

Whether you want a log cabin for the garden, a house for family living or a commercial building for your business we can plan, design and build the perfect building for you.

We manage your project from the very first day, taking car of every stage, including:

  • Land selection – having the right land is essential.  We advise what land can be used for building, and which land you will be able to get planning permission for.
  • Planning Permission – Getting the right permission before work starts is essential.  Our experience allows us to advise you immediately on which land will be acceptable for your proposed building.
  • Building Regulations – All of our buildings meet building regulations.
  • Design – Although we have a range of flagship buildings, each build is designed to your exact needs.  Houses have exactly the right number of rooms for your family, commercial buildings have exactly the right space for your business and employees.
  • Build – We take your building from the first dig of the shovel when preparing the ground right through to the high-quality finish of the completed building.
  • Fitting – Whilst we do not fit kitchens and bathrooms we have many partners who can help you get the best from your completed building.
  • Guarantee – All of our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.  With proper care your building will last a lifetime.

If you are thinking of building a log cabin or other wooden structure get in touch, call us on 01208 850376