The Fistral

The Fistral is our most popular cabin with four generous sized bedrooms on two floors incorporating 2 bathrooms.  Ideal for larger families or permanent dwellings.

This is the largest cabin we have designed and built to date which has proven popular in both two and three storey options. Whichever style you choose the bespoke interior can accommodate multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, utility rooms, living areas and kitchens. By utilising a large mezzanine floor, allowing for numerous rooms with full headroom for additional space. The cabin is the ideal home from home fulfilling all the needs of a weekend retreat or a holiday let.

At 14 m x 8 m and incorporating a 1.8 m veranda, the Fistral has a lounge / kitchen, separate bedroom and bathroom.  Above these rooms is a 5.5 m deep mezzanine floor, allowing full headroom and housing the master bedroom with en-suite bathroom.

Fully insulated with double glazed doors and windows, this chalet is the ideal home from home fulfilling all the needs of a weekend retreat or a holiday home.

The Fistral fully complies with all current building regulations.

As seen on Google Street View

Constructed Fistral Cabins

We have built many Fistral cabins.  Here are some examples.

Three story Fistral House, Cornwall

Three story Fistral House, Cornwall

This wonderful three story Fistral house is an example of how flexible our buildings are. Incorporating six bedrooms and four bathrooms over three floors, this beautiful house has become the perfect home for this family. Gallery Notice how the exterior beams have been carved into beautiful pine cones.

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Two story house in Cornwall

Two story house in Cornwall

This beautiful Fistral house is spread over two stories, with the upper mezzanine floor holding two bedrooms. This house is built alongside several other North Coast Log Cabins houses, all set within a wooded holiday park. Gallery Price Typical price for delivery and erection to mid Cornwall is £76,000 + VAT. Please note all prices…

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Typical price for delivery and erection to mid Cornwall is £76,000 + VAT.

Please note all prices are meant as a guide and can vary according to specification.


Arrives on site as panels and bolted together, all cladding fixed on site. Prices include delivery and erection on prepared base which we can quote for. Our prices do not include fixtures and fittings. However we do have our own approved, electricians and kitchen manufacturers and and fitters and can therefore arrange this work for you.


All of our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years.  With proper care your building will last a lifetime.

Floor Options

  • Strip Foundation with 150mm concrete slab
  • Thickened slab with 150mm concrete slab thickened at edges to a depth of 600mm wide
  • All concrete to include fibre reinforcement, a an anti-crack measure, to the approval of the Local Authority
  • There are various other options for the base depending on ground conditions which cna be discussed

Frame Work

  • Structurally graded and fully tanalised – 9mm Structural Ply
  • 125mm * 50mm Redwood external walls
  • Foil-backed Breather Membrane
  • 25* 50mm Battens
  • 100mm * 50mm Redwood internal walls

External Cladding

  • Standard 40mm * 150mm tanalised Redwood
  • Loglap cladding (other options available)

Internal Cladding

  • Standard 22mm * 150mm V-jointed tongue and groove Redwood (Other sizes, mouldings available)
  • Dry lined option available


  • Exposed main Glulam beam 90mm * 40mm
  • Exposed V – jointed Tongue and Groove cladding
  • Rafters 50mm * 175mm @ 400mm centres
  • Cellotex double R GA 85mm thick
  • Tyvex Membrane
  • Battens
  • 20mm Stirling Board
  • Choice of reinforced felt shingles (Cedar Shingles option available)


  • Exterior Walls – Cellotex double R GA 60mm thick
  • Interior Walls – Rockwool slab insulation
  • Floor – Cellotex double R GA 50mm thick


  • All windows are softened and double glazed
  • Internal doors are Redwood ledge and braced
  • Double patio doors are hardwood and double glazed


  • All external cladding and framework is tanalised
  • Exterior of cabin, windows and doors are treated with two coats of oil based preservative, colour to customers choice
  • Interior of cabin is flame retardant varnish to all exposed timber


  • Length: 14 meters
  • Width: 8 meters
  • Height to eaves: 3.3 meters
  • Height to ridge: 6.4 meters