To receive a quote for us to build a log cabin or any other type of wooden building for you please complete the form below.

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This quote can be used as a guideline only. A more detailed quote can be supplied if you would like to proceed with your project.

The quote does not include any allowance for the base. We can supply a quote for constructing the base. We would need a site visit to do this.

The quote does not include any provisions for drainage, plumbing, electrics, kitchens, fixtures or fittings. We can supply all of the above for an additional fee.

Once we have considered your request we will contact you by telephone.

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The intended use of the building. A residential building would need to comply with full building regs whereas a workshop or summer house does not. This will have an impact on final cost.

Roof covering. We offer every available roof covering. Felt tiles, cedar shingles, slate etc. The type of roof covering will affect the final coast, not only because of the difference in material costs but also the construction of the roof. A slate roof would need to support a greater weight than a roof with felt tiles. This all affects costs.

Windows and doors. We only use timber framed double glazed units. The number of units will greatly affect the costs.

Style of timber cladding. There are a number of different styles of timber cladding available. Ship lap, feather edge and log lap are the styles we use most frequently. All the timber we use structurally and externally is tanalised.